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Just You and I

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22 October 1985
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::About the Girl::

Name: Jessie
Nickname[s]: Jess, J, Sexy Spanish Lover
Birth date: October 22, 1985
Birth Place: Miami Beach, Florida
Age: 22
Gender: Female

Current Residence: Little Havana
Sibling[s]: Omar (15)
House: Wannabe Slytherin Hufflepuff
Bloodline: Muggle
Pet[s]: None

Interests: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Power Rangers, X-men, puppies, music, boys, role playing, NASCAR, Code Lyoko, teh interweb, Fantastic Four, Pirates of the Caribbean, food, Lord of the Rings, LOST, Teen Titans, Sailor Moon, Spiderman, Dawson's Creek, Superman, banana phones, High School Musical, That 70's Show, Popular, The Mummy, Full House, Even Stevens, Boy Meets World, Charmed and Toy Story.
Profession: Double Full-time Student and Role Player Extraordinare!
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Boggart: GJ LJ dying

(September 23 - October 22)
the Scales of Justice. Cardinal, air, yang - planetary ruler: Venus. Keywords: "I BALANCE"

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and governs the kidneys, lower back, and buttocks. Positive traits include a rational, logical mind, a fine sense of aesthetics, diplomatic aplomb, good taste, charm, skill with words, intelligence, an innate sense of fairness and justice, and exceptional beauty. Negative characteristics include indecisiveness, excessive dependence on other people, conformist tendencies, manic depression, extravagance, and manipulation.

Libras sorted into House Hufflepuff are some of the sweetest, most charming individuals you will ever meet. They work hard at their studies compared to other Libras (most Libras would rather coast on their strengths than apply themselves to all their subjects) and are often quite successful. Physically, however, they remain unathletic and lazy - the closest they'll ever get to a Quidditch match is the spectator's box, and that only if the weather is pleasant. Anything beautiful and harmonious appeals to the Hufflepuff Libra. Since potions and alchemy require an instinctive awareness of the harmony of ingredients, Hufflepuffs who are Libras display a surprising facility in these subjects. These wizards live to help other people, and to help their friends get along with each other; nothing hurts them more than to see people in distress or bickering with each other. Feuds and wars between wizards distress them. Equally distressing is the disharmony between Muggles and magic users. Many Hufflepuff Libras become Muggle specialists, hoping to bridge the gap between magical and non-magical.

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